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Welcome to the new ShopAIP!

4505 // Chicharrones Sea Salt Fried Pork Rinds 2.5 oz

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4505 Chicharrones are made from cuts from the pig’s back and belly. They remove all the fat before frying, resulting in a light, airy, melt-in-your-mouth porky cloud! 

INGREDIENTS: Fried pork skin, Sea Salt, Fried in Rendered Pork Fat

Additional Information

Additional Information

• AIP Elimination Phase
• Paleo Certified
• Whole30 Compliant
• <5g Net Carbs

About the Brand

About the Brand

Ryan, a butcher & chef, understands the importance of quality ingredients crafted with care. Their snacks are simply seasoned with the finest spices and nothing more.

How to Enjoy

Just like all pork rinds, these make a great no-carb crunchy snack as well as liven up just about any dish you can think of by crushing them up or using the crumbs at the bottom of the bag. You can even use them as panko!

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