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Fatworks // Kettle Rendered Chicken Fat 7.5 oz

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Schmaltz (rendered Chicken or Goose Fat) has been used in Ashkenazi Jewish cooking for generations and we are proud to bring this incredible fat to you! (As an aside the Ashkenazi Jewish population is known for having one of the most heart healthy communities in the world.)

Nothing really compares to Schmaltz. It has the richness of duck fat but with a milder and more aromatic flavor.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Chicken Fat, Organic Rosemary Extract

Additional Information

Additional Information

• AIP Elimination Stage
• Paleo and Whole30 Compliant
• Gluten Free Certified
• <5g Net Carbs
• Organic Ingredients
• Coconut Free

About the Brand

About the Brand

Welcome to Fatworks, the Fattitude Adjusters! What is our mission? Our big fat mission: to educate the mainstream population about the benefits of using REAL cooking oils like tallow, lard and duck fat while crafting these traditional fats the most natural way possible. For years fat has been marginalized, (no to mention margarinized), maligned, slandered, beat up, picked on and falsely accused! But no longer, for Fatworks is the Defenders of Fat! We have made it our mission to bring back traditional fat. But not any fat mind you, pasture raised non-gmo* free fat raised from animals free from antibiotics, hormones. As you know by now, at least we hope you have gotten the memo by now, far from being unhealthy, new research strongly supports the idea that fat INCLUDING SATURATED FAT, works as a vital part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. If you are passionate about cooking with the highest quality foods and understand the importance of real fat then you already know Fatworks. To you we say, "Welcome Fellow Fatworker!" Glad you finally arrived.

How to Enjoy

Schmaltz adds complexity to a variety of dishes that you simply cannot reproduce any other way. Schmaltz is a joy to cook with and is the easiest way to add depth and complexity to leafy vegetables, stir fries, pan fried steaks, fish, poultry, soups, stews, baked goods, and for a special treat spread it right like you would a high quality butter or fine olive oil.

It's no exaggeration to say Schmaltz gives potatoes and other root vegetables a flavor that is beyond anything most of us have experienced.