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Keen One Quinoa // Jamaican Jerk Quinoa Cups

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Quinoa & Hemp Hearts encounter a spicy island romance with Red Beans and Sweet Potatoes. 

Purchase Options: Single (1) or 6-Pack

Ready in 7 minutes!
These tasty quinoa cups were inspired by hungry college students and busy professionals who wanted something delicious, nutritious, and easy to prepare anywhere. These cups will take you around the world inspired by authentic recipes and our favorite flavorful ingredients with organic protein-packed quinoa goodness in every bite!

INGREDIENTS: Par-cooked Quinoa*, Red Beans*, Hulled Hemp Seed*, Dried Sweet Potato*, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar*, Dried Onion*, Black Pepper*, Dried Garlic*, Dried Chives*, Cayenne Pepper*, Allspice*, Cinnamon*, Nutmeg*.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Quinoa holds many amazing health benefits in addition to being a delicious and easy additive to most recipes. It can be used as a breakfast item for its increased complex carbohydrates to keep you fuelled for whatever the day has to offer while giving a large dose of protein to keep the muscles at peak performance.

Quinoa is an amazing source of nutrients!!
• High in Fiber
• Rich in anti-inflammatory vitamin E
• 2x more bone-building calcium than wheat
• Contains all 9 essential amino acids

About the Brand

About the Brand

Our search for the best quinoa on Earth led us to the highlands of Bolivia, where we found it growing 100% organically, without chemicals, fertilizers, or GMOs.

Since its inception in 2007, Keen One Quinoa has expanded nationally, selling both online and in stores around the country. Staying true to its roots as a bright-eyed college student’s convenience food brainchild, the brand continues to promote culinary creativity without compromise, using sustainable ingredients and sourcing fair trade organic quinoa to benefit cooperatives in the Highlands of the Andes Mountains.

Keen One stands for "life giving,” “necessary,” and “of premium quality” — which our products are!

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