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Wild Zora // Italian Beef with Garlic, Oregano & Basil 1.1 oz

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The Italian Beef Bar is their meatiest bar yet! 20% more grass-fed beef means 9g of protein and a savory and delicious bite. This AIP-Friendly bar is full of rich Italian flavors like garlic, basil & oregano. It provides all the taste of a delicious bowl of spaghetti, without all the grains and added sugar. This will quickly become your favorite everyday bar with it's subtle and addictive flavor!

INGREDIENTS: Grass-Fed Beef, Organic Vegetables & Fruit (Spinach, Apricots, Dates, Basil, Onion, Garlic), Champignon Mushrooms, Sea Salt, Lemon, Marjoram, Oregano

Additional Information

Additional Information

• AIP Elimination Stage
• Paleo Compliant
• Organic Ingredients
• Coconut Free
• Allergen Friendly Facility

About the Brand

About the Brand

In 2012, Zora, Josh, their son Adrian and daughter Abby landed in Fort Collins after 9 years of living abroad in incredible places like Czech Republic, Poland, and Cambridge. It wasn't until they arrived in Fort Collins, CO that they were introduced to American “healthy snacks” for their long family hikes.

Zora quickly realized that these bars were all low protein, high sugar and she wanted something better for her and her family and soon she started making the famous Meat & Veggie Bars. In 2014 Zora introduced the bars to the public at the farmers market near her house and the rest is history…

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