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What is Fully Healthy?

What is Fully Healthy?

We are proud to be the premier store for ShopAIP and hard to find dietary specialty items.

You can safely shop for AIP-compliant products, while adding anything your family may need from our expanded selection.

We are proud to work with small brands that share our mission of supporting unique diets. We know how hard it can be for small businesses to establish themselves and make an impact in the industry, so we want to do our part in helping them grow.

With our combined resources, our goal is to be a marketplace that encourages and supports these innovative brands. We’re looking forward making a difference for you!

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I stumbled across Shop AIP when I did a google search for grain-free oatmeal. I was soooo excited to find a source of all clean groceries, on a platform where I don't have to pay to be a member or get a subscription, and I don't have to scour through all the products to see if they fit within my parameters.

Heather M.

Thank you!!! I’m severely allergic to all nightshades. Finally I have sauces and toppings. I can even eat a hamburger now and have something to put on it as well as steak. I love your seasonings too!

Robin C.

First let me say I love shopaip! Everything from ordering, shipping and arriving has been great! Plus I loved the free chip chip I received my first package. I started following your YouTube channel. The video are great.

Kathleen P.

Thank you! I was able to have some AIP-compliant treats at my parents' house over the holidays so I wasn't tempted to eat other snacks. I'm grateful for your shop. It takes the guess-work out of reading all the labels with tricky hidden ingredients :)

Tierney M.

This was my first time ordering from ShopAIP. I was able to get some Sweet Apricity treats for my mom, who has been sorely missing treats. The package arrived promptly and left me plenty of time to package up her stocking for Christmas. Thank you so much for all you do.

Victoria G.

Thank you Thank you Thank you! The AIP diet is overwhelming and knowing there is one place, specifically for AIP-approved products, made my new journey so much easier and less stressful. I have loved discovering all the new spices and delicious recipes…thank you for being a place I can count on to find exactly what I need.

Whitney D.


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    AIP-Approved Christmas and Holiday Desserts

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    November 1, 2023

    Paleo AIP Recipes for Thanksgiving

    Family gatherings and holidays can be a difficult time for those on specialized diets or those with food allergies. Friends and family are often confused about what foods you can and can’t eat. To make things less confusing, we’ve compiled Thanksgiving recipes that are Paleo AIP compliant that you can eat, and that your family will enjoy too! Many [...]
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