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Pure Traditions // Instant Farina

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They set out to add an instant hot cereal to our lineup for people following AIP (auto immune protocol) as well as those with tree nut allergies. The result was beyond their wildest dreams - super delicious and more like a farina than other cereals, with it's own unique sweet taste from tiger nuts.


    INGREDIENTS: Organic Coconut, Organic Tiger Nut Flour, Organic Cinnamon, Konjac Root, Himalayan Pink Salt

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    • AIP Elimination Stage
    • Paleo Certified
    • Organic Ingredients
    • Non-GMO Verified
    • Allergen Friendly Facility
    • <5g Net Carbs

    About the Brand

    About the Brand

    Pure Traditions is creating health sustaining, nutrient-dense foods that also happen to be delicious. Our ancestors intuitively ate the kinds of foods necessary to maintain optimal mind and body health, but in today's fast-paced world, full of industrial foods, too much has been sacrificed for the sake of convenience.

    Our foods provide the quality nutritional levels and great taste of traditional foods, while being fast, easy and convenient.

    All of our foods are "Certified Paleo" by the Paleo Foundation, a key non-profit organization that has set extremely high ingredient standards.

    Whatever your dietary preference, be it Paleo/Primal, Vegan, or just taking the next step beyond Gluten-Free, let our satisfying real foods fuel your healthy lifestyle.