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Pure Traditions // Cultured, Grass Fed Ghee, Traditional

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Ghee is a delicious and versatile fat, ideal for frying and sautéing due to a high smoke point of 485 °F. It’s also great for baking or drizzling onto your favorite dishes.

Pure Traditions ghee is of the highest quality, made with NON-GMO Project Verified cultured butter from cows grazing on lush green grass fields in Ireland. Our ghee is made the traditional way, in small batches by hand. This results in a beautiful golden ghee with a slightly nutty flavor. The ghee is then carefully filtered to remove all milk solids, and slowly cooled, providing a pleasing texture not found in commercially made ghee.

Note: Separation is natural. This is a shelf stable product and does not require refrigeration. Use a clean, dry spoon to avoid water contamination.

    INGREDIENTS: Non-GMO Project Verified Lactic-Cultured Unsalted Butter (Milk, Cream, Lactic Cultures). Suitable For Most Lactose And Casein Intolerance.

    AIP Reintro Ingredient(s): Ghee

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    • AIP Stage 1
    • Paleo Certified
    • Keto Certified
    • Non-GMO Ingredients
    • Coconut Free
    • High in Medium Chain Fatty Acids
    • Made from Grass-Fed & Pasture-Raised Cultured Butter
    • 100% Lactose and Casein Free
    • Hand-Crafted in Small Batches

    About the Brand

    About the Brand

    Pure Traditions is creating health sustaining, nutrient-dense foods that also happen to be delicious. Our ancestors intuitively ate the kinds of foods necessary to maintain optimal mind and body health, but in today's fast-paced world, full of industrial foods, too much has been sacrificed for the sake of convenience.

    Our foods provide the quality nutritional levels and great taste of traditional foods, while being fast, easy and convenient.

    All of our foods are "Certified Paleo" by the Paleo Foundation, a key non-profit organization that has set extremely high ingredient standards.

    Whatever your dietary preference, be it Paleo/Primal, Vegan, or just taking the next step beyond Gluten-Free, let our satisfying real foods fuel your healthy lifestyle.